Using images to measure cellular phenotypes is a proven methodology for advancing biological research, and has been applied for instance in drug discovery and functional genomics. Quantifying cellular phenotypes with images requires novel computational methods to accurately represent and transform images of cells into useful information.

The CytoData Society has brought together a community of scientists from academia and industry to discuss the latest advances in these topics since 2016. Our goal is to realize the full potential of image-driven biomedical research by advancing computational techniques to make the most out of existing and new imaging modalities.

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Our board members are spread over multiple organizations and continents, so the CytoData society does NOT have a physical address or location. CytoData Society is an unregistered society, meaning that the society does not have an official status in any country. Instead, we are an active community of researchers and developers. We consider everyone in our mailing list as a member of the society.

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